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Parts And Service

For your convience and your knowledge we have attached a link for all AGCO parts books. If you do not have an AGCO Internet account you may contact Jeff to get an account created or you may just log in as a guest. 

Using This parts lookup you can search for the parts you need allowing us to work together in a quicker more efficent matter. When looking up parts you will not be allowed to look up price or availabilty but it will give you part numbers that we can easily find the parts you are needing.

please feel free to use this link to go to the AGCO parts lookup.





We sell parts and supplies for all the brands that we sell as well as for many others. As well as selling the parts to fix or improve your equipment, we also have world class technicians that will get your machinary in and out of the shop as quick as possible.


Labor Fees: $115.00 per hour

Welding/Lathe labor fees: $120.00 per hour

Hauling Loaded: $5.00 per mile

Service Truck: $3.00 per hour

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